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Kathy Conlon

[You're not missing much.  It's just a divider.]

Most folks know her as the "rose wench" at the Dragon's Inn.

Not because she sells em. Cause she wears em. Very well, in fact. *grins* She's the sort of person whom you meet and think she belongs at the faire more than most people, as if she's been recently reincarnated from a Renaissance life. But let me let her tell you about her addiction herself:

[You're not missing much.  It's just a divider.]

My enthusiasm for the Renaissance festival started out slowly. My husband had been going at least twice a year before we met and when he asked me to go with him, I wasn't all that excited. You see I am not a beer drinker and to me the Renaissance festival was only a place to go and walk around with a beer in your hand! Boy did I have a lot to learn!!

After going a couple of times, my friends convinced me to rent a costume, and that's all it took. As soon as I changed my clothes, my whole attitude changed and my enjoyment of the Renaissance festival began in earnest. So much so, that over the last several years, I've traveled to three other festivals in two other states with future plans to travel to even more states to visit their faires. [Kathy]

After going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for about 4 years, I took the time to fill out and turn in an employment card. I didn't really give it another thought until the next summer when I got a letter asking me to work. One short interview with CJ Crowe and I was hooked! I started working at the Dragon Inn that very year. I loved every minute of it. I went back the next year as the wedding coordinator and will be there again this fall, once again as the wedding coordinator/"pub wench" at the Dragon Inn.

Regan has said that when I am in garb I look as if I was transported forward in time from the 16th Century. My only comment to that is to say that I am much more comfortable in my Ren Faire garb than I am when I am in a business suit. Perhaps I was born 4 centuries too late (maybe I should have been born then, but I like hot running water too much now to want to go back!) I will just have to be content with spending my free weekend time at the Renaissance Festival!